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The need for a new approach to Innovation,
in the service of humanity, is widely recognized.

Design for Values

is such an approach.

This website is the launch pad to deliver
values-based design to the Muslim consumer. 
Please join us on this journey!

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Should your Muslim Values matter?

"Stanford Social Innovation Review is pleased to announce that Gretchen Daily, Bing professor of Environmental Science, senior fellow in...

The Roots of Inequality

I have read a lot over the last few years about social and economic inequality; they generally go hand in hand, you could say 'inequality...

4th Industrial revolution - 4IR

A new buzz word to add to our list, 4IR. 4IR represents the relentless onward march of technology into all aspects of our lives. From...

Inspire your workforce

Interesting survey published in the Harvard Business Review November-December 2019. One aspect in particular caught my attention, it...

The CEO as Gardener

Strategy&Business review Loonshots by Safi Bahcall which they rate as one of the top business innovation books of 2019. Loonshots proposes

A Meeting of Minds

On the Shoulders of Giants: Design for Values is inspired by the work of the International Islamic Marketing Association (IIMA). A...

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