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Development Plan & Release Schedule

Stage 1 - Initial Release Q4 2019

Design for Values will be released to market in its first iteration as early as possible.  Feed back from 'consumers' will be incorporated and improvements added each quarter.  Input will be gathered from the comments section on the website and also in face to face meetings. So if you are a consumer, academic, business or government visitor who is eager to play an active role in the development of Design for Values please make contact.

Stage 2 - Platform Expansion Q1 2020

Innovation never stands still even if the website format does.  During Q1 new platforms such as Instagram, twitter and Mastodon.Social, etc will be evaluated to see how they can help communicate the message of Design for Values.

Stage 3 - Association of Values in Design Q2 2020

Values in Design or Values based Design, Values must guide design, form factor, functionality, manufacturability and many other aspects of a product will not stop being key to a products success.  During the 'ideation' process they will pass though what can be considered a 'Values' filter that must be grounded in knowledge and common sense. How this will work in the best interests of the Muslim community can be debated and agreed by a global association of design experts.  It is hoped to have this association up and running by mid-2020.

Stage 4 - Partnerships for Deployment Q3 2020

Design for Values Inc. will be the engine that drives the global deployment of this philosophy.  Creating working partnerships with Academia, Business, Government agencies and Consumer organisations in order to make sure that with the implementation of Design for Values 'Things do not just stay the same' for the Muslim population.

Stage 5 - Global Partners Conference Q4 2020

By the end of 2020 it will be time to meet and assess progress to date.  A conference of stakeholders will be held to discuss the path forward and gather input for Design for Values 2.0.

The need for a new approach to Innovation,
in the service of humanity, is widely recognized.

Design for Values

is such an approach.

This website is the launch pad to deliver
values-based design to the Muslim consumer. 
Please join us on this journey!

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