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Inspire your workforce

Interesting survey published in the Harvard Business Review November-December 2019. One aspect in particular caught my attention, it reads as follows:

"Yet in a recent survey of more than 540 employees worldwide conducted by PwC’s strategy consulting business, Strategy&, only 28% of respondents reported feeling fully connected to their company’s purpose. Just 39% said they could clearly see the value they create, a mere 22% agreed that their jobs allow them to fully leverage their strengths, and only 34% thought they strongly contribute to their company’s success. More than half weren’t even “somewhat” motivated, passionate, or excited about their jobs." (

An untapped source of motivation and connection for employees can be the knowledge that the products they develop and sell are created and sold in a manner that is consistent with the values of the intended consumer, that they are part of a virtuous partnership mediated by values. This is something to be proud of. An employee who is proud of their work is a productive and long term employee. Design for Values is good for business!

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