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4th Industrial revolution - 4IR

A new buzz word to add to our list, 4IR. 4IR represents the relentless onward march of technology into all aspects of our lives. From cradle to grave now has an added meaning that reflects technologies role in our lives. A survey from PwC published on the Digital Pulse website shows a fairly typical divide on the attitudes to 4IR, employers love it and expect great things, employees are more nuanced. Employees are worried in particular about the impact on job security and the invasive nature of data gathering. I find the employee/employer distinction to fit in the same model as the consumer/producer model. At some level we are all employees, even if we are the owner of the business. The distinction is an artifice that serves to divide humanity into camps. In the corporate world reflected in the PwC Survey I wonder who are the 'employer' individuals who look forward to the golden dawn of 4IR and the benefits it brings? Are they employees working at a level that feel immune to being displaced by 4IR technologies? If so, i suggest they leave such ego at home and introduce 4IR with empathy, historical perspective, and an awareness of the greater good of humanity as opposed to a quarter to quarter focus on short term profits. Profit is essential, short term profit to the exclusion of its impact on wider society is not necessarily good business.

Some years ago my 93 year old farming father accused me of being a 'Damn Luddite' for being skeptical of GM crops. On the contrary, i welcome technology into my life and the life of my family and community, so long as it serves us in a healthy and sustainable way and does not turn us into the product that serves an invisible master. 4IR....welcome to my are here to serve!

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