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Stanford Social Innovation Review

Where smarter minds than mine produce thought provoking articles on socially positive innovation. Highly recommended. One reason to highlight this organisation is to make the point that we are not alone. Innovation for the good of humanity, innovation that reflects societies values, is not a unique or crazy idea. It is actually common sense, it's just that the world lacks common sense and it is up to us to change that. It is up to us to both demand change and create change.

" Contrary to popular belief, innovation isn’t new to the humanitarian sector. Organizations like the Red Cross and Red Crescent have a long history of innovating in communities around the world. Humanitarians have worked both on a global scale—for example, to innovate financing and develop the Humanitarian Code of Conduct—and on a local level—to reduce urban fire risks in informal settlements in Kenya, for instance, and improve waste management to reduce flood risks in Indonesia."

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