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The Problem

Unhealthy Food, Environmental Damage, Lack of Opportunity, Unemployment, Underdeveloped Markets

Our Response

Mediate a new approach for the Muslim community guided by the principle of Design for Values


Healthy Food, National and Communal cohesion, Peace and Prosperity, through adherence to Islamic values'  
The need for a new approach to Innovation,
in the service of humanity, is widely recognized.

Design for Values

is such an approach.

This website is the launch pad to deliver
values-based design to the Muslim consumer. 
Please join us on this journey!

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our Goal

Improve the quality of life in the Ummah in a way that is consistent with Muslim Values, and sustainable.  Produce food that is halal and tayyib, that does not deplete or destroy the consumers' health or wider environment.  Products that are designed to be less damaging in every regard and longer lasting.  Packaging that does not last for a thousand years while being recycled through fish and other animals into the human food chain and possibly our very DNA. Humanity is in crisis and Islam offers a solution.  From our food to our consumer products to a massive lack of opportunity.  Design for one step towards changing the world for the better. 


our Objective

Implement the principle that Muslim values hold a defining role in the design and delivery of new products and services for the Muslim consumer - From Food to Education, Opportunity, and Governance.  Create an Islamic economic ecosystem offering wide ranging opportunities in a Muslim-friendly world where people can prosper in harmony with their values and beliefs. 


our methods

Design for Values is a focal point to magnify existing efforts and promote new initiatives.  Promote business innovation principles to create new products, new consumer activism, enterprises and sustainable economic development in the Muslim world.  Improve life for Muslims and non-Muslims by embracing the holistic nature of Islam, an aspect of Islam that resonates with those on a path of conversion and those who seek to learn from a closer bond between the sacred and the secular.  Serving to unite Muslim and non-Muslim in a common cause. 

our means


Educate:  Working with Academia, research, publish, create course materials, educate not just the academic world but fulfill the original role of the teacher by reaching out to the wider community.

Encourage:  Government to promote structural changes that enable values-based innovation.  To create national and trans-national partnerships to promote our common goal.

Engage:  Business has to be profitable to survive, partner with Business to deliver sustainable profits while supporting Muslim values.

Energise: Consumers, fully and honestly informed will amplify the call for change.



Design for Values opens up a new field for research and publication that can change the life of your community for the better


Design for Values Provides a single focal point for economic and social development. Builds national cohesion while increasing the legitimacy of Government


Design for Values protects your family. We are what we consume!  Know what is in
your food and focus on sustainable consumption to protect their future


Design for Values is CSR evolved.  It  allows you to delight your customers, your shareholders, and protect your future.
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